Pixel Clarity Light
video, 5 min

Imagining and place-making are two distinct ways of entering an image; an image of a place where something happened historically, where something was meant to happen maybe. Or perhaps where something could have happened. The image is grainy and mysterious. We see black and white shades of light in small pixel-like boxes. There is a figure listening to a sound, a translation of a live-proceeding in another language. Another figure sits beside. They are in an official setting. There is an element of the once-was (a moment, a history, a future) and the could-have-been (a future, a relationship, a collaboration). Something, however, got lost and a lot has remained. How do we determine what lies in the shadows, in between its nodes of vision? How do we, today, receive that noise? What has been digested, spat out and consumed again? And finally, does the real get compressed when received digitally, or, does it get codified and shifted into becoming a new shadow of figures yet to arrive?

Through interpretive acts, narrative moves and declarations the work seeks to summon into existence the information that lies in between pixels, nodes, zoom-scales and hues. The tremendous question of what gets lost perhaps counter-intuitively also asks whether duplication and sameness in information is the only way to remember a potential. So, instead the work asks what remains and how do we hold it?

In the context of THE MISSED SEMINAR at HKW, Berlin curated by Doreen Mende.

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