Every Meaning Happens For A Reason

Shown at curated_by Vienna, curated by Luigi Fassi 2016

In collaboration with Misha Stroj, this work took the form of a sculpture with embedded sound.

We were interested in assuming reason as thought as non-geographical at the outset (why must we always go back to colonisation when talking about reason?) to build an argument from there on:

Taking generic and positive sayings such as ‘happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced’, we crafted a dialogue between two forms of thinking: one centered on a desperate positivity, and the other centered on enquiry, but not all that different from each other.

We formulated our questions in the following manner: What happens when the generic form of thought and the yearning for subjective agency come together? The melting of a singular uniqueness (first as agency and only now slowly as idea) and the simultaneous creation of a digital identity has perhaps created in us a peculiar sense of power (in thought, action and being): a generally anonymous but highly subjective digital being persistently looking for a positive form of engagement with itself; looking for creating meaning using itself. Is there a techno-thought-plateau that we are fast approaching?

The sculpture was an abstraction of the message in the fortune cookie.

image of scupltre.jpg