My contribution:

Have you heard of Israel? Please, let’s not take ourselves too seriously. They know a little English so it means they’re a little educated atleast. It’s so amazing how we are all so much the same. Ha, ha let’s not even pretend we’re the same. Other. India? People are so sweet here. It’s not amusing for me if she is laughing, it’s our culture. Everything here is dirt cheap. What does it mean to become a student of a socio-political movement? How to start a revolution in 10 steps. Pakistan? We are all so connected. If you want to emancipate me, then you better start now and now wait until in 45-50 years old. Isn’t this (NAM) all just exotic? What does decolonising the mind mean? Other. Ethnography. It’s interesting (and revealing) how we all so badly want to be the same. India?  Other. Other.Other. How To Read Donald Duck. 60-70 years ago it was a very backward place… there was not even one hotel. Oh, people are so nice here! I cannot believe we are discussing the basic definition of what the Other is. We should have done it 6 months ago. India? We’ve read Fanon – why doesn’t that mean anything? Oh, we’re just fantasising about the weekend! So, when’s the deadline again? So, when’s the deadline again? Other. I have clearly under-estimated the extent of colonialism. We all need to lock ourselves in a room and just read. We need to distinguish our point of view, from our world views. India? India? Rome? Pakistan? Please, let us do ourselves a favour and read more. It’s not their fault they hold such views. Sexual liberation is a crucial aspect of decolonisation. Other. Anthropology.