Would We Know It If We Couldn’t Feel It

My contention within this work was that while each of us feel and experiences in ways only particular to us (depending on socio-political and historical signifiers), there is a generic element to experience that precedes these particularities. We see things, we experience, we identify and are identified with, and, we also somewhere believe these are inseparable from each other in such a way that to divorce one from the other would create an abyss within our very understanding of ourselves. This is obvious to to a certain degree. However can we also see that these experiences of that form the base for our identity are not open-ended, but allude to the idea that they cannot be accounted for; there is a functional openess to them.

I proceeded to construct this work through interviews with three individuals. We spoke at length of particular instances of extreme emotion, physical reactions, attempts at deconstruction of the emotion and continuous self-reconstruction. What emerged, post edit, are patterns of self-affirmation and negation taking place simultaneously – patterns of experiencing the particular. While living as per the tenets of i-am-generic is extremely hard to make a reality, it is pattern recognition that allows us to think of ways to avoid offering subjective claims as solutions. In the image I constructed in the video, I was keen on the face as the site of subjectivity, but the passport size framing as the site of the generic.