Drawing one a 1:1 Scale I

This project spanned two years where I attempted to articulate ideas around the personal and the universal, the subjective and the objective and the overlaps that are created. Each version of work produced under this title addressed these ideas from a different angle, and using different mediums.


Video projection of large white paper 6:59 min; Performance for the duration of the video

With this project, I began my interest in finding very precise but generic concrete actions that can be abstracted into being emblematic of larger conditions the human takes part in. Repetition then takes the action forward, linking it with the generic. For example in the work Drawing on a 1:1 Scale, I was interested in ways we digitally and geographically exteriorise identity: multiple selfies were set in a 360 degree rotating landscape. An additional gesture performed live was me attempting to draw the landscape horizon embedded in the moving background. A voiceover spoke about the collusion (in content) of three forms of thinking: a religious who did not want to be named (I interviewed a hindu monk), modern science-philosophy (from the work of Thomas Metzinger) and ‘inwardness’ as a philosophical undertaking (the work of J. Krishnamurthi). I included some of my own thoughts in this amalgamation as well.

To think, is to reason, and it is not location specific. While the means can be local, the ends of thought/action/deliberation cannot. Rather than to neglect a concrete starting point, it is to realign the tendency from the constant return to the site/individual as a binding distraction into an enabling form, where the horizon doesn’t end at the locus.

For this specific piece, more than create an abstract drawing, I was interested in creating a drawing of abstraction – a drawing of the forces that create the individual, along with its own time and space. How to create a map of digitality – something that operates in 1’s and 0’s? Can this be a mapping of the disembodied self?