Drawing on a 1:1 Scale III

This project spanned two years where I attempted to articulate ideas around the personal and the universal, the subjective and the objective and the overlaps that are created. Each version of work produced under this title addressed these ideas from a different angle, and using different mediums.


Over 2012-15 I collected objects from my hometown in Chennai and the spaces I traveled to. These objects came in the form of natural residues and metallic junk. This material becomes a form of data to further think on geographical situatedness (location) and well as informational situatedness (where we think we stand within our real); the global-local conundrum that is at the core of our local institutions.

Allowing contours of the objects to overlap allows land, too, to overlap, partially replicating these objects on paper – as distance, as thought, as movement, using its physicality as a metaphor. The act of collecting itself, instrusive and definate, situates the subject/the collector on the surface area on and off the ‘collectable’/the object. I see these images fluctuate between drawings, maps, diagrams and informational charts.