Drawing on a 1:1 Scale II

This project spanned two years where I attempted to articulate ideas around the personal and the universal, the subjective and the objective and the overlaps that are created. Each version of work produced under this title addressed these ideas from a different angle, and using different mediums.


Many of the ideas that the performance came from, have been articulated in a text that published in Open! In the article I address the multiple open ended positive feed back loops within which our sense of time, our sense of self, our practices, potentiality and territory function. Each feed back loop is represented by a diagram. The basic premise of the article is that nothing exists in isolation; it exists only in its relation with other things. This is where a thing’s potential lies: within the boundaries of the orbit that it takes (that is, its periphery) and in its intersections with other orbits, between the inner and the outer and the elaborate mimicry that is played out within their relations.